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A New Chapter in Our Journey

You may be wondering 'Where the heck is The Rock Spa?!'

Well, we're still here! The very same team that ran the spa is now furthering helping you in your spiritual journey, by providing the same awesome crystals and metaphysical products you've come to love.

Founded on the same ideals to emotional wellness and spiritual healing that the spa adhered to, we continue to make the world of crystals approachable and affordable for everyone. We're here to demystify crystals and make them a part of your everyday life, without the fluff.

The Rock Space is a down-to-earth spot where you can explore, learn, or just hang out and find a bit of calm in the chaos.

TL:DR - The spa is closed, but we're still the same team selling awesome crystals!



What happened to the spa?

The Rock Spa was a peaceful place for spa treatments and relaxation, focused on wellness and nature. It was a break from daily life, centered on health and wellbeing.

But in 2020, COVID-19 forced us to close temporarily to protect everyone's health. This short break turned into a long one as the pandemic continued.

During this break, we focused more on natural healing and crystals. We decided to change from a physical spa to The Rock Space, a place for spiritual and emotional growth, in the same location.


What is The Rock Space?

The Rock Space is more than just a crystal shop. It's our way of showing how much we care about holistic health and the healing power of nature. We have a variety of unique crystals to help you heal and grow.

This change comes from tough times, but it shows our strength, flexibility, and the strong bond of our community. We're excited to invite you to The Rock Space, a place where we keep celebrating nature's beauty and its healing effects, in a new but known setting.


What about my spa gift card?

We will still honour gift cards by transfering them into store credit, which can be used on crystals, herbs, metaphysical tools, and more.

Please contact us or visit us in-store exchange your gift card.


Where are you located?

We are still in the same building; 396B Victoria St. N, Kitchener, Ontatio.

We're excited for you to see the new and improved store! With new features and comforts, we've kept what you love and added more. It's a place for rejuvenation and inspiration, and we can't wait for your visit. See you soon!

Warm regards,

Arthur Rocha

The Rock Spa & The Rock Space