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Soulful Soiree - Divine Feminine

Soulful Soiree
Soulful Soiree is a gathering designed for like-minded individuals seeking connection, growth, and healing. Our event is a haven for those passionate about holistic well-being and personal development. Here, you'll find a community of individuals eager to share experiences, insights, and knowledge in a nurturing and supportive environment. Join us on the first Thursday of every month where we create space to connect and learn with expert speakers.


This month's Special Session with Ilona: Divine Feminine

Join Ilona as she celebrates and empowers the divine feminine. Providing a safe and supportive space for self-discovery, healing, she will facilitate the exploration of the unique qualities and strengths that the divine feminine embodies. Through various activities and discussions, participants will connect with their inner wisdom, intuition, and creativity, fostering a deeper connection with embodying their authentic, feminine power.

This is a free event
Thursday, December 7th
6pm - 8pm
Limited space is available.
Pre-register your slot by clicking here.